There’s one thing that really fires us up: making your brand a winner in the marketplace.

To make this happen, we forge seamless partnering with our clients. We make sure that our strategic marketing approach is in synch with theirs and that our communications are designed to help meet their objectives. The result is incisive strategic planning and great creatives that blaze new trails for brands.

Our Services
- Strategic Marketing Consulting
- Account Management
- Research Management
- Creative Services
  > Traditional
  > Non-traditional
- Media Consulting
- Brand Activation
- PR & Publicity
- Digital & Social Media
- In-Store Merchandising and Advertising

Our Team
From a staff of four, working out of a conference room in 2000, Catalytx has grown to over 60 staff members and has joined the exclusive club of the country's top 20 advertising agencies.

Catalytx’ seasoned marketing and advertising experts are complemented by young, proactive professionals. They all have one thing in common: the burning zeal to partner seamlessly with clients. This helps to build their brands and grow their business.

"Your success is our passion."

Richard Yang

President & Managing Director
Robert Harn

Executive Director
Strategic Business Unit I
Karina Santillan

Executive Director
Strategic Business Unit II
Beverly Soriano-Lim ("Baybs")

Executive Director
Strategic Business Unit III
Eleanor Agulto ("Nuy")

Executive Creative Director
Patricia Villamor ("Isa")

Executive Director
Strategic Planning
Mary Grace Chiong ("Tejie")

Executive Director
Marketing Support Services
Marites Rotaquio-Guevarra ("Tess")

Executive Director
Finance & Administration

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